Saturday, September 16, 2006

$10.00 GLOCK

Well, kinda, anyway. I'm going to mention this idea to my local gundealers; free publicity, a good cause, police helping brother officers, and some lucky gun owners = good stuff. For gun-guys like myself, THIS is a feel-good story.

Up (for me) in Gainsville, GA, a gun/outdoors shop is holding an interesting raffle: win one of four NIB GLOCK 27's by buying a $10.00 ticket. The cause? Raising money to help two Gainesville Policemen who are battling cancer. That's pretty cool. But guess what? Shuler's Great Outdoors, the shop holding the raffle, is not the one who actually thought up and organized the raffle; rather, members of the police force are.

Yep, fellow officers who wanted to help their afflicted comrades came up with this idea, which in my view is a damn good one. According to the article, at first,
it was meant primarily to be an incentive to law enforcement to make donations, but judging by the already brisk sales at Shuler's, everybody wants in on the action.
Damn right they do! I wish I still lived near Gainesville, or that I had time this weekend to drive up there; if I did or could, I'd buy some tickets in a heartbeat. Not only is this helping out a couple of underpaid public servants (I know they're underpaid; I really did live near there for a few years), but it's a chance to get a GLOCK for peanuts.

Oh, and the article doesn't say this, but I'm certain that the winners of the pistols would have to go through the standard background checks before taking possession. After all, the store isn't really "giving" them away; they're actually selling them for a minimum of $10.00 apiece.

Maybe I can make some time somehow. . .
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