Thursday, September 14, 2006


Guess this guy wasn't paying attention to some age-old wisdom:
A shooting victim is in critical condition this morning after being shot in a supermarket parking lot.

Witnesses told KRQE News 13 the fight broke out Monday night between a man with a samurai sword and another man who had a gun.
I'm not going to cheer the shooter for, er, shooting though, which is my usual action for self-defense shootings. The article implies that the gun-guy fled the scene, which is not kosher. Maybe he panicked after pulling the trigger, maybe he initiated the conflict, who knows at this point. In this case it's probably just two idiots who got in a fight. I will side with the old saying though:
Never. Bring. A. Knife. To. A. Gunfight.
It's just not smart and it means one of those idiots was more idiot than the other.
Yeah, yeah, I know how fast a man with a knife (or sword in this case) can move 25 feet (faster than you can clear leather, for those of you not in the know) but still. . . a guy with a gun is probably going to win when a guy with a sword attacks him.

Do people not remember the lessons of Raiders of the Lost Ark??

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  1. Yeah, but maybe the guy with the sword was a highlander type immortal, and the guy with the gun wasn't playing by the rules.

    If so, the guy with the sword will be fine (unless his head was blown off).

    I shouldn't joke, but I'm in an odd mood today.

  2. Maybe he just had 1000 Years of Power, like this guy

    Although I won't discount the Highlander angle; I try to remain open to new ideas.