Sunday, September 17, 2006

Football; Fairly happy

Army 24 - Texas A&M 28:
Heartbreaker for Army, but damn if they didn't fight harder than I've ever seen them fight before. I don't know what was up with the play calling and clock management at the end, but the Cadets left everything on the field, and to me that comes as close as you can to winning without winning. Great game.
Auburn 7 - LSU 3 :
This was a big game on AU's schedule, so a W is a W, no matter how we take it. I gotta admit, though, that was a bad call. But hey, first time LSU's allowed a TD in something like 16 quarters of football, so that's pretty cool for Auburn. Good game if you're like me and love defense; Auburn certainly rocked at that today. I don't think their position will change on the polls, but I wish they'd score more points, especially against tough programs, to help them in the BCS.
Georgia 34 - UAB 0:
Shocking, I know, but at least UAB made some money.

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