Saturday, September 30, 2006

Exact Karma

Feel good story for gunnies, or in my perfect world, anyone:
At age 8, Terry Jackson gave up his prized .22-caliber Winchester short-barrel rifle to get his grandmother a washer. Recently, the 57-year-old got the gun back through a series of chance encounters and conversations.
How cool is that? A good dead that didn't go unpunished for once. The rifle, which he bought with his own money, was the only thing of value he had and his grandmother couldn't afford even a manual clothes washer, so he did what he thought was right by giving up his prized possession.

Fast-forward 49 years: it turns out that someone in the town still owns the rifle, heard the story, and gave the .22 back to Jackson, saying, "That was a really nice thing he did for his grandma."

Gawd, family- and small-town values of the best (non-political) kind. . . and a gun? This sounds like the kind of story that the writers of The Andy Griffith show, the publishers of Guns and Ammo, and the Hallmark channel would produce if they ever got together. I love it.

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