Friday, September 15, 2006

Not my fault (this time)

C'mon Blogger, I know you're free and all, and I really like you and all, but if you're going to completely crash and burn, rendering every single Blogspot blog unavailable (HTTP 500 errors) for hours at a time, well, then what good are you? I mean, I understand that you're rolling out an updated system and all, and that's great, especially the stuff you say you're doing on the backend, but are you just not going to check on the Blogger 1.0 servers while you're working on Beta? None of the Beta Blogger blogs went MIA; are you just leaving the rest of us out in the cold while you play with your shiny new toy? Not cool guy.

And hey, what's up with letting the unwashed masses that your users know what's going on when the entire system dies? I mean, you say on your Blogger Status (which also died more than a couple of times over the last few hours; very reassuring seeing crap like this at 1107EST when I try to find out what the deal is) page that at 0652 EST,
Blogspot was down for about 30 minutes. It has been restored now, but some blog pages are still returning an error page. We are working on resolving the problem.
And then at 0725 EST time you say that the problem has been fixed. Oh really? Then how come the earliest time I can find at the Blogger Help Group referencing the problem is marked at 0243 EST, making your initial claim of 30 min. downtime untrue? Then why, at 1058EST, hours after your claim that the problem was fixed, was I able to take this screen shot:
You say that the problem is fixed, but as of 1125EST, when I actually wrote this and had to extricate myself from the clutches of Garm's Big Bad PC of Love, there are STILL 500 errors all over the Blogspot world, including our humble little blog over here.

Why can't you just let us know what's going on, and apologize for not feeding the hamster in the wheel that apparently powers your servers? Listen Blogger, I've NEVER complained about your service before, in any medium; in fact, I've defended you many times in the past when things have gotten screwy. After all, you're providing an easy to use, customizable, free communication tool to the world, and I can respect that. I understand that problems happen; I mean, Google's struggling in the marketplace and all. OK, that's not fair since I don't know how much ad money the big G is sending your way, but the point still holds: I don't mind TOO much when little things happen. I don't mind when you break things in the middle of the night. But when things break and they're not fixed for hours, even after you say they're fixed, well, then I'm going to get really upset with you.

What happened to you Blogger? You used to be cool, man. Now you're making Baby Jesus cry.
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