Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blind Hate

Would you like to see an example of an argument, rhetoric, tone, and language changing when the writer realizes the person to whom they're writing is not Canadian but is instead American?

Check out this post over at Girl on the Right to do so. Bush/America/Conservative/etc. Derangement Syndrome indeed.

Update: Please see the comments for RG's correction; she is in fact not American but Canadian. Apparently her schizo emailer rubbed off on me and I jumped to conclusions as well. Still, if anything, the point about Derangement Syndrome is only made stronger by his mistake, as his derangement is even more, well, deranged. Again, sorry RG!


  1. The funny thing is, I actually AM Canadian!!


  2. Whoops, my mistake for not knowing!

    Jots that down, RG = Canadian, not American (don't hold against her). Got it. Je suis désolé.

    Ah, the point still holds; that guy's a nutball.