Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Evil Little Squirt

From the "Zero Tolerance" file comes another story of school administrators' overreaction, in this case, regarding a bright orange plastic squirt gun and a first-grader suspended for 10 days:
The incident will stay on Tawann's permanent school record. But Womack said her son does not understand why he's not in school.
Can't imagine why not, since he's 6! While I agree with the school officials that the parents of students should know what their child may or may not be taking to school, suspending a six-year old for over a week is going too far. As one school district official said:
We regret that this happened. My feeling is that by not giving any exceptions, this young man will not bring a toy gun to school again.
So there are no other ways with which to teach the boy a lesson? Depriving him of whatever education he gets at 6 is the best way to teach him? He shouldn't have had the squirt gun in school, as it is a distraction, and the squirt gun should be taken away, the parent(s) should be informed, and the kid should be made to sit in the corner or something.

Give administrators and teachers the ability to use their best judgment regarding cases like this. With a little common sense, the child would learn that squirt guns are not allowed in school but would not be deprived of 10 days of the 3 "R's."
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