Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Quick Hits

I'm sure you know about Mark Foley's resignation, but here's an example of his hypocrisy. From his (soon to be not his) official House website, regarding sex offender legislation:
“For too long our nation has tracked library books better than it has sex offenders. That day is coming to an end,” said Foley. “Senator Hatch and Leader Frist have been resolute in keeping this legislation on track. We are closing loopholes that sex offenders and pedophiles have used to prey on children.”
Idiot. If you really want to, you can read some of the instant message conversation between Foley and the 16 year old here (pdf file, sexually explicit) I'm not about to play partisan politics with this, though I'm sure some who are further left than I probably will, claiming that this is yet another example of "Republican hypocrisy." It is hypocrisy, but both parties are filled with hypocrites.

Moving on, doc Russia has a good, and in my view, correct take on Howard Dean's (somewhat bizzare) pledge to take back Texas. . . and to do it before tackling other states:
Unfortunately for the DNC, I find it highly improbable that they will suddenly turn about, divorce themselves from the nanny-statists, militant atheists, and proffessional beureaucrats that penetrate the warp and woof of their party. If you want to play politics in Texas, you can be a tough old grandma, a Jewish cowboy, or common republican, as long as you at least intend to leave a persons liberties and properties alone.
Read the whole thing.

Here's some random 1911 gun pr0n. . . extra kinky, since the Springer's stripped.

Finally, never take whiskey from the Irish, they might explode. Really.

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