Monday, September 25, 2006

Face reality guys

...'cause ya'll lost, and the battle flag won't be put back on the Georgia flag.
Supporters of the 1956 state flag with its dominant Confederate cross plan a final all-out charge to oust a Georgia governor who outflanked their no-retreat-no-surrender efforts to keep the controversial banner flying.
Seriously, it's over. The Southern Cross shouldn't have been on the state flag in the first place, and I say that as an ardent Southerner with colonial ancestors, descendents of whom fought in the War of Northern Aggression Civil War on the side of the Confederacy. After all, Georgia's current flag has more in common with earlier state flags than did the '56 Battle Flag-inspired design. If you're interested, here's the Wiki of the Georgia flag fracas, which in my mind is resolved and a non-issue. It's too bad some people don't feel that way; they should move on to more important, and pressing, concerns for the state, like immigration, taxes, dealing with Yankees moving down here and then complaining that it's "not like home," etc. OK, I'm kidding about the Yankees thing. . . kinda.

By the way, the battle flag, or "Southern Cross," the most commonly thought-of flag when referring to Confederate flags, is NOT the "Stars and Bars," a common mistake. In fact, the national flag of the Confederacy (the first one, anyway), which was/is properly called "The Stars and Bars," is this one. . . which looks a heck of a lot like the current Georgia State Flag, and is yet another reason why the Battle Flag supporters should just move on.

ETA: Also, don't even get me started on the Bonnie Blue Flag, which actually predates the Civil War by about 50 years and inspired its fair share of state's flags. The CSA was all about flags.

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