Monday, September 05, 2005

30 Second Law School (part 2)

Last time, we talked about con law. Now, let's talk about Rule 11. Its a little section of the federal rules of civil procedure. Basically, its rules for how you sue in civil court (non-criminal). Rule 11 is about dishonest and/or stupid people. It has horrible sanctions that make lawyers wet themselves. Things like paying the other side's attorney's billable hours for all the time an effort they took in trouncing you. Unfortunately, lawyers are always right, about everything, all the time. Which was bad for this idiot. He was just so right about what a killer argument he had that he couldn't understand when the court dismissed the case. So, he sued again in another case with the same argument--they just needed to read it over again, you see. Case dismissed. So, what does he do? Yup. Same argument. Only this time the Court dismissed and the other side brought down the Rule 11 hammer.
"Defendants argue that Mr. deLone should have been aware that the complaint did not state a claim cognizable under section 1983 because Mr. deLone himself litigated the cases which established the controlling law in this judicial circuit,...sanctions in the amount of the attorney’s fees and costs reasonably incurred by the defendants, and no greater than necessary to adequately deter Mr. deLone from engaging in similar conduct in the future."

I know that might not sound too bad to some of you, but every lawyer out there just experienced some shrinkage, even the women.

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