Friday, September 23, 2005

Bush's War

The TV flickers and a woman holding a baby says her husband died in Iraq. I think, "okay, they have my attention." Now a cut to a black woman who's son died--he was on his way home. "Why does the fact he was on his way home matter?" I wonder. "This ad could go either way." Next an older woman, her son died in Iraq--he was the world to her--her voice is full of anger. "Here it comes!" The political attack ad starts: Bush lied, no WMD, no 9/11 connection, big mistake, Mr. Bush stop this war! Paid for by, ta-da, the gold star families for peace, which is Cindy Sheehan's group, you watch the ad yourself at their site. If you recall, Cindy recently left her senses, and I declared her officially over. I think this ad supports that opinion in that they now using new frontwomen. Frankly, its sad. Especially, when these "peace moms" say that they have to tell their kids their father died for a lie. But let's put all that aside--the anger, the exploitation, the mis-characterizations--forget it because the real point is making this solely Bush's war.

As if Bush could just end it by snapping his fingers, as if Bush started it without any help. He can't and he didn't. I helped. I voted. I supported the war--and still do. And ultimately, I accept some responsibility if the war is a big lie or mistake. There are many like me out there, people who said "don't even go to the UN; kill Saddam now!" This ad is designed to make us forget our part in the war because the only people that can really bring the troops home is the American people. When they call it Bush's war their really just giving the weak-kneed among us a backdoor on the true cause of the war in Iraq: The will of the American people.

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