Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bush Kills Black Babies!

Or something to that effect, will be the headline after Rita hits. I made a prediction last time about Katrina that came true. Well, here's the prediction on Rita: First, It won't be that bad. Not the Hurricane, but the repsonse. This time the locals aren't going to screw up, FEMA will bulldoze idiots out of the way, and Bush is going to be all over Rita like white on rice. The Left and many Black leaders have been screaming that if it was rich or white people the response would quick and effective. Now, when Rita hits they'll be screaming that they were right. They won't think, gee, maybe they learned their lesson from Katrina or apparently Texas isn't as unprepared as the democratically ruled Louisana. They'll scream discrimination and worry about justifying it later.

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