Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Flood Recedes, Thugs Take Over

Who are these people? NO get hit with the biggest hurricane a city can be hit with and what do they do? They take pot shots at people trying to help. They see a chance to smash up things and they take it. They see people suffering and they thrive on it like some kind of ghoul. I'm talking about the political bomb-throwers. Like this "gentleman" whom revels in the opportunity Katrina (already label Katrina-gate) affords to claim political victory. No, no, he's not done, yet--because if you didn't know, Katrina isn't just the personal failure of Mr. Bush, or global warming, or race--no its a demolition of the American System, listen to this second article:

When President Bush told "Good Morning America" on Thursday morning that nobody could have "anticipated" the breach of the New Orleans levees, it pointed to not only a remote leader in denial, but a whole political class. The uneasy paradox which so many live with in this country - of being first-and-foremost rugged individuals, out to plunder what they can and paying as little tax as they can get away with, while at the same time believing that America is a robust, model society - has reached a crisis point this week.

Let me see if I understand... Bush supporters killed NO? Look, a lot of people dropped the ball on the Hurricane. When a person looks at people dying and suffering from a natural disaster and says here's my chance to use that misery to my own ends. Metaphorically speaking, what makes them different from the looters? Listen to what Hollywood had to say:

"It's devastating and I'm ashamed of the way it's being handled and, when we get home, we'll be doing PSAs (public service announcements) and I want to help in whatever way I can because I'm embarrassed and I think it will hopefully change a lot of politics," Dunst said.

Yes, that's it. Not I hope things get better, or even I hope the people who screwed up are sacked. No, we're going to change "politics." We're going use the bodies of the dead and dying as a stepping stone for our views. It is important to note that this is what the left think Bush did with 9/11 and thus they now refer to Katrina as the "anti-9/11"--the cure, if you will, to the nation's rallying. They were right, floods do bring the snakes out.

This sparkling blogger has a quick break down of the MSM coverage, and the USS Neverdock is all over this BBC's harsh attacks.

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