Sunday, September 25, 2005

Moonbats on Parade

Michelle Malkin has photos of the protesters from this weekend up at her site, with commentary. Pretty amusing stuff. My favorite pic of hers and her caption, just for the guffaw it evoked:
Liberals love malaise
My caption: In touch with reality

(I do wonder if anybody in the crowd realized who Malkin is and confronted her. She didn't say.) Gotta love it when the fringe groups get together to "protest the war," when really they're trying to push small, unorganized, and not very well thought out moonbat agendas. Speaking of which, check out Mudville Gazette's photo analysis of Daily Kos' "Do's and Don'ts of Protesting," or whatever it's called. My favorite Daily Kos rule? Glad you asked:
Want the police to target you? Wear a black bandana over your face. Wear a gas mask. I know, I know, it's the cool anarcho thing to do, but it's also very foolish. If you feel you might need them later (for whatever reasons...), put them in your bag where you'll have easy access to them.
For which Greyhawk posted the following picture:Hey, nice masks. I'm interested by your ideas, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. Oh wait. . . No. No I don't. Check out Mudville for the rest of the rules and the pictures of the protesters who apparently didn't get that memo from Kos.

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