Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bombings and Blogging In Iraq

A string of suicide bombers hit Baghdad today. You might not have heard yet what with all the coverage on Roberts and Katrina. But as I'm sure you all know, Iraqi blogs cover happening in Iraq as good as, if not better, than the MSM. Iraq the Model is such a blog. He's blogging on the attacks in Baghdad, here's a taste:
"I passed by two of the car-bombs on my way home, one of them-gladly-failed to detonate and the driver was arrested, he was apparently trying to attack the interior ministry, the crowd that gathered in the scene say the driver was Syrian.A few minutes later I saw a big explosion that was close to the green zone.The other passengers in the mini bus were discussing the explosion in Kadhimiya that killed more than a hundred construction workers who were waiting for employers to hire them."
This guy is in the war zone. There are tons of blogs out there like this that can give you a much better view of the real deal than some huge MSM outlet.

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