Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hitchens vs. Galloway: British Blood-Bath

At the City University of New York, George Galloway and Christopher Hitchens "debate" the war in Iraq. I put debate in quotes because this was a brutal street fight of a debate, something only the British could bring us. If you don't know, George Galloway is a member of the British Parliament and recently appeared before the U.S. Senate responding to charges of being a shill for the oil-for-food program. Christopher Hitchens is the leftist, PLO loving commie Slate writer who states the reasons for the war better than Bush. "Democracy Now!," which is a commie radio show about how America is evil, sent radio host Amy Goodman to moderate. Now, most people would yawn and say who wants to watch a bunch of libs argue about Iraq? If you say that you've never heard either of these men speak. Galloway claims that Hitchens is a singular event in nature, a butterfly turned back into a slug. Hitchens all but accuses Galloway of supporting fascist death squads and accepting oil-for-food kickbacks. "Is it not rather revolting to appear in Damascus by the side of Assad and to praise the people who killed Casey Sheehan, and then to come to America and appeal to the emotions of his mother?" Hitchen argued. Galloway thundered about Hitchen's traitor status to which Hitchens gave the first socialist justification of Iraq I've ever heard:

"There are probably some people among you here who fancy yourself as having leftist revolutionary credentials, as far as I can tell that you do from the zoo-noises that you make... And the scars that you can demonstrate from your long, underground, twilight struggle against Dick Cheney. But while you're masturbating in that manner, the Iraqi secular left, the socialist and communist movements, the workers' movement, the trade unions, are fighting for their lives against the most vicious and indiscriminant form of fascist violence that any country in the region has seen for a very long time."

All this while the crowd boos, cheers, hisses, and screams. When a "Democracy Now!" host is shocked at the level of pure acid being sprayed, yeah, that's worth watching! If you didn't catch it you can read the transcript here.

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