Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane, What Hurricane?

Garm and I have been watching the coverage from our respective command bunkers. But Garm missed a wierd moment where, FOX News reporter and all-around blow hard, Shep Smith asked--after a intro question--a simple question. "What are you doing? Do you know about the hurricane?" To which the man, standing on Burbon St. walking his dog like there wasn't a killer storm bearing down on his below sea-level burg, replied, "What am I doing? None of your [f-bomb]-ing business!" .... Yeah. Let that sink in. A man with a mic and camera asks you a question and you act like he's retarded--it's like he's trying to interview you or something! But wait this national TV; no delay, no bleep. He's got a hurricane that looks to be close to the size of Texas coming at him like a cruise missle and he's got the grapes to act like its just another day in the Big Easy. Shep probably had a "last sane man on Earth" moment when he looked around and saw few people were fleeing like Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds. Garm and I talked about blogging on the idiocy of some of these people, but we thought it a tad insensitive. Well, this guy didn't. Somehow this is a going to turn into a blame game: Gobal Warming, dirverted resources in Iraq, upperclass lives while leaving the poor to die--something. But I don't think I'd have blamed Shep Smith if he'd put that smart ass in a headlock planted his mug in the camera and said, "This, America, is the face of a moron."

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