Friday, August 19, 2005

4GW Part 1: What is Peace?

No war for oil. Anti-war, pro-peace. Peace Activist. Language is a funny thing. Funny ha-ha and funny strange. What do people mean when they say peace? Do they mean nobody's out there trying to kill us? Or that we aren't militarily mobilized? What is war? Seems like a stupid question, but, come on, were we ever at war with the USSR? Like all conflicts the War on Terror is an evolution of the previous war, namely the cold war and it's most famous battleground: Vietnam. Now, if you think we were at peace during the Cold War you might or might not be a liberal, but you are definitely a retard. Thousands of people died so you could sit around and talk about how great it is to be at "peace." Ben Franklin said, "There never was a good war or a bad peace." Well, maybe so, but Franklin did help launch a war, and would he consider what some morons call peace? I'll never understand this: Saddam invades Kuwait (heading towards the Kingdom), we kick him out and sign a ceasefire, he tries to kill Bush I, he shoots at our planes, he murders his people, he has children raped in front of their parents, he kicks out the inspectors, we shoot cruise missiles at him, and on, and on.... And then peace activist want to stop the war for oil. Well, when exactly did the war end? Maybe you just had the TV on mute? There are people and nations out there and they are at war with us--maybe not open war--but has the Cold War should teach us, war need not be open to be real. We do not live in Franklin's fallacy of the "bad peace," but instead live in a world where people are ready to accept the fallacy of the "good war" as long as they can ignore it. Fourth-generation Warfare is the theory that we've moved into a world where peace-time and war-time blur. Combatants may be the proverbial fish swimming in a sea of people. The political movements are fronts in their struggle, the media and scholarship are battlefields. Is this true? Well, I'm going to be exploring the idea little here on the blog, let me know what you think...

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