Monday, August 01, 2005

Don't Bork Me And Tell Me It's Raining

Hello Kiddies! Whenever I want to see what the world would be like if everyone was insane I like to hop on over to the Village Voice for some irrational, searing hatred of all things that they disagree with (while promoting diversity of course). But here's a little note of an article that shows you exactly why Bush picked Roberts. Roberts is being pegged as unblockable, well he's going to need to be, because apparently the left does not understand one fundamental, bedrock idea behind all of American law: Reasonable people can disagree. The list of cases (most of which Roberts is associated with because he just happened to be alive and employed at the SG's office at the time) reads like a heresy sentence handed down by the Spanish inquisition.

"Isn't true you did not resign your post when a conservative administration
asked the SG's office to take a conservative position on a subtle and specific
legal issue?"



Let's get one thing clear, this is about abortion and also completely not about abortion. There isn't that more clear? No? Well, the real deal is this: Some people have made real progress at forcing their views on the nation by judicial fiat, and any questioning of that philosophy is "out of the mainstream." Too bad, because the whole point of the judicial review thing is to test and question the laws. You can take a position, you can even disagree, but is your position reasonable, is it logically? If you think is pouring over Roberts record looking for holes in his logic, I've got a National Guard Memo for you the proves Bush is actually Adolf Hitler.

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