Tuesday, August 09, 2005

When they help, nobody reports

Check this out (courtesy of the wonderful Girl on the Right): Bell Mobility, which, as we all know, is a big scary business (probably run by Republicans, since they control all big business and all money) did a REALLY nice thing after the AirFrance crash in Toronto last week. Just minutes after the crash, members of the local Bell Mobility office were handing out free cell phones and calling cards to enable the survivors to call family and friends. In fact they "put 50 cell phones and 500 calling cards into the hands of passengers, crew and emergency workers within three and a half hours of the crash." That's pretty good work.

And yet I find out about it not from the 10 news channels on my TV, nor did I find it on my many-times-daily stroll the "real" news sites. Now, I know it's not a "big" story, and I know that there was plenty of good news out of the crash (like everyone surviving), but would it have been so hard for one of the news agencies to mention a feel-good story?

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