Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sudden Death

Some stories are amazing. Some stories are amazing when the toppers are revealed in the correct order. This sports fan in Florida wanted to watch sports and his wife kept nagging him. So, he attacks her. With a claw hammer. He hits her with the hammer 70 times. She dies. What was she nagging about? She wanted to cuddle since they had just made love. But the game was on! So, after killing his wife for ruining the game, this fan goes to a sports bar and confesses to the bartender. "How 'bout them Cubs?" "Ah, I missed a lot of it because my wife was yelling at me." "So, you can here to watch the game in peace, huh?" "No. No... I, uh, I beat her death... with a, uh, hammer... you know, just one those things--thought about using a bat, but...that's the one I got Bonds to sign, so, you know, I just went with the hammer... ...yep... Soooo, what's the score?" This is not the guy you want in your fantasy football league.

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