Sunday, August 14, 2005

Rights vs. Entitlements

You know, it's really sad the conditions that some people live in. What's more sad is the crazy Nanny-state way that the socialistic Europeans and others go about crying to mama about every little problem. Look, conservatives sometimes get too hardcore with people, the whole Compassionate-Conservative thing is the right idea to keep the balance. But people, we have to stop this whole "I want it so its a fundamental right" junk! Fundamental rights are rights that all people have and need to be treated with human dignity. Sounds pretty big, and the rights are, but the right to drinking water? Come on! I suspect deeply that the whole UN human rights thing is being used as a cloak to push socialism comes not only from the weak-whining Europeans, but also from the whole rights not being "natural rights." Or more to the point "God given rights." Something about just thinking up rights that you want to believe are great for everyone, without any concern for tradition or divine law or Hobbes, reeks of opportunism. I read one article where the right to free speech became the right to communicate, and then, the right to a phone and a television! Above is an actual cave painting from when God revealed to Man that he had a fundamental right to price-controlled consumer goods!

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  1. You'll get my drinking water when you pry it from my cold, dead hands...facist!