Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A+ B Movies

I wanted to start a review/recommendation segment for "B movies." And by B movies I mean all kinds of things: cult movies, movies that just didn't quite make it, good movies with bad budgets, movies that are just so weird you have to see them once, etc., etc., etc.

I figured I start off with the Boondock Saints just because everyone I know that's actually seen it, loved it. I even got DVD where you can labor through the writer/directors commentary about how unfair it was the Boondocks got the axe or how he wasn't allowed to shoot as much gore and violence as he would have liked. Its best if you know nothing about the plot before you see this movie, but you should know that it is the wierdest role you'll probably ever see Willam DeFoe in. Now, I know that this is old news to a lot of people, but before you complain remember that if you didn't know about Boondocks you'd want to know. (P.S.: Not recommended for anyone that has ever been offended by anything ever) Until next time: Smell yooouu!

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