Friday, August 19, 2005

Even Watergate Wasn't Watergate

Recently, Vanity Fair writer Michael Wolff said "I think [the Plame/Rove leak story] certainly is one of the biggest stories of our age..." Age. Not year, not decade, not generation, but Age; as in the Space Age. Wolff went on: "If the guy closest to the President has potentially committed a felony ... If Karl Rove were out of business, that's a f-ing big story." His comments did not go unchallenged. "You guess, and then you write!" Richard Cohen of the Washington Post blasted Wolff. "This is a crappy little crime, and it may not be a crime at all." Well, there's a harsh retort, but I'm still caught up on the whole "biggest stories of our AGE" thing! I'm not going to suggest the Media is bias, but blind. The Media is not just a watchdog the government; the Media should be about telling truth. Finding, arguing about it, explaining it, but some people just can't wait to have Robert Redford render them on the silver-screen. Yes, Rove getting sacked would be a big story, but the story of our age? Here's a headline: Media's Myopic View Obscures the Historic Event of Our Age!

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