Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Toughest Job

Whether you agree with the Gaza withdrawal or not, you have to respect the professionalism of the Israeli Army. On FOX News they had one clip with a settler saying, "Isn't there any sympathy in the whole world?!" Boy, that pretty much sums up how "somtimes it be's like that" (to quote Pink). One solider was trying to cut barbed wire off a barricade and this settler kept poking at the pliers with a long stick. Reports are that they were throwing acid and sand and trash. The settlers would scream at the soldiers that they were like the Nazis. These Israeli soldiers did a heck of a job – after all, Garm can barely keep from killing people who chew too loud. Then you got the peace loving, multi-cultural, democrat Palestinians on the sidelines claiming that they won this "victory" through terror. One Palestinian said something on NPR about how the Jews should not being upset over leaving there homes because it was never their land. (I'll just mark him down for ending the entire peace process in genocide) On the other hand, I'm sure it is upsetting when a foreign religious and ethnic group comes into your lands and take control of your holy sites--like say when the Muslims conquered the Byzantines' land? I'll never understand why academics and such that visit the Muslim countries always have to apologize for the Crusades when it seems pretty clear to me that many in the Muslim world are just as ready to murder in the name of God? Anyway, nobody, not even the terrorists, can claim this as a win. It's a compromise. A painful first-step that if the Palestinians have one bit of wit will embrace in the name of peace--if that is indeed what they want. Bush pushed for this move, and frankly, quietly, the entire mid-east peace process has turned around on his watch. Nobody talks about that... But in the end, you got to give it up to the soldiers that made it happen, the guys with the toughest job.

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