Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Too Late..For Your Career

Adam Corolla was on Loveline and The Man Show. Now, while his co-hosts go on to bigger things, he's back on Comedy Central after The Daily Show. The Daily Show is lib, but at least it's fairly funny (don't get me started on Jon Stewart! Hulk smash!) This was fairly boring. It was a call in show (like Loveline) where Corolla makes a bunch of crude jokes (like the Man Show). Corolla is a funny guy, but this opener didn't do it for me. Maybe he'll pull it out of the fire, but he's got a ways to go to make up for Comedy Central pulling Tough Crowd. Now there was show! I'm going to give Too Late another shot, but if my hopes are not high.


  1. the tough crowd link is broken

  2. and why would you give "Too Late" another chance? I saw 3.6 minutes of the first episode, and it was horrible.