Sunday, August 14, 2005

Courtney Love Lives

Contrary to recent Internet rumors of a suicide Courtney Love is actually alive. And indeed, she was part of the Comedy Central Roast of Pam Anderson. How was it? It was the hardest of the hardcore, the harshest, funniest roast I've seen. It'd be funnier than the Drew Carey Roast if the subject of the roast had a some dignity. Pam was a good sport, but Courtney insisted on speaking, and standing, and throwing stuff. On a side note, Andy Dick must be gay or they probably wouldn't have let him sexually assault Pam on TV, and, man, that was the most Tommy Lee "size" jokes I've ever heard! Courtney Love actually was funny. She strung together some understandable sentences. I use to kind of like Love, just because...I don't know, she's kind of sad. But, good for her. She alive. She can speak. She sounded drunk, but then she always did. She swears she's clean for a year! Wow. A year later and that's what you look like--stay off drugs kids! Stay off drugs. She claims rocker status, which frankly wasn't meant to be funny, but when you haven't been on a stage since before Jon Stewart took over the Daily Show...Come on! Anyway, big ups for her for admitting she's not not a punchline. SATAN!

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