Monday, August 22, 2005

Geeking Out...pleasant taste. Some spoilerism.

Hello, kiddies! Last time it was Wonder Woman and the Superfriends drinking game. This time I wanted you know I took a bullet for you. Yes, I watched Blade: Trinity. A movie some thought wasn't very good. I saw it in the theater and I got the DVD--here's why: 1) I strongly believe in supporting all comic movies. 2) Also, David Goyer, writer/director of Blade 3, is all over the comic movie scene. (Batman Begins, the Flash, the Crow, Ghost Rider, etc.) 3) Finally, I wanted to know if they would do a Blade 4 or even a Nightstalkers movie. Well, Goyer, Biel, and Renyolds said some stuff about maybe doing it, and the alternate-ending definitely suggests Goyer was hoping for more Nightstalkers. Hell, the whole movie is a passing of the torch--Goyer even flat out says that Blade has become a mythic character now, meaning... No more Blade? Goyer wrote all the great lines for Hannibal King. If you watch the animatics from Blade 1 you'll see that Goyer just reversed the original ending for Blade 3. Particles intermingle--blood and a bio or chemical-weapon. Then all the vampires are wiped out (instead of all the humans like Goyer really wanted to do). Plus, Goyers might be doing the Flash with Reynolds, so, hey, they might get the band back together. Blade was good, if only for the line right before Deacon Frost is dispatched; now Blade 3 ain't great, but Parker Posey is great (whose apparently is going to be Superman Returns), and the back story on Biel's gun belt will change the way you look at that character. It would be nice to listen to one of Goyer's commentaries without him describing the bad guys as "fascist" or the good guys as "grass roots." But with all the six degrees of separation going on in the comic book land maybe we can get them to finally do what I've always been saying (mostly saying to Garm while he pretends to care). They need to start seeing each movie as part of a larger franchise. A Blade universe, or dare I dream a Marvel movie universe. Ultimate Marvel is basically spearheading this with its genetically persons of mass destruction general theme and... no, no, must stop self. Just breathe...where's my Spider-Man plush doll?

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  1. Hmmm

    Well, according to the current news, their will be a Blade TV series on Spike TV that follows the movies (though obviously someone other than Snipes will be playing Blade). Apparently, there will still be lots of vampires in this series, even though it will apparently reference the movies.

    But plans change. I don't think they've filmed a pilot. At aint it cool news there was an advance script review, but those change often.