Thursday, August 04, 2005

Kid Gloves

Stop me if you've heard this one. Guy entices a minor on the internet to meet him for sex. When he shows up the police appear and invite him to their exclusive roundtable discussion on sexual morals and ethics. The girl in question was actually a very young looking officer. I actually attended a prelimary hearing for a guy that they pinched with this very tactic. "Educational" is kind of understatement for that experience. So, medals of merit all round and send this scumbag to become familiar with the inner-workings of the American penal system, right? Heh-heh, not in Kansas (city) anymore, Toto! District Judge Whipple decided that this crime was impossible to commit because the woman was not, in fact, a minor. Now, I can't say much about this because I don't know much about the laws in that state, but a child has to actually be in danger before the police can send these people up the river? Above is an actual x-ray of Whipple's skull.

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