Monday, August 01, 2005

Beware The Green Collared Wookie

Here's a scary story about people having fun at others' expense and then getting called on it. These merry pranksters intended to expand on the urban myths of anonymous teenage sex based on some code only the horny young deviants understand. "Greenlighting" is something about wearing a green shirt with the collar up and then getting it pulled down by a fellow greenlighter. I'm always amazed that there's not the obvious problem of the fact that only crazy people would find this the least bit erotic. In my neck of the woods, the rumor was color coded wristbands that kids snap off for specific favors. I've even had some law enforcement personnel tell me how this obscene practice was rampant in our community. There's probably some kind of truth to things like this (hey, I've got HBO) but I think that things like key-parties (the last thing I expected to see in a kid's movie) and other odd sociopathic behavior is probably a lot less common and a lot less glamorous in real life. That being said, why do people want to spread this stuff? Why when this reporter shut them down did they launch a weird little cyber-jihad against her. Will they destroy me as well? I know not, but what I can say is that I'm rather shocked that anyone who wears their collar up was attractive to any one, any where, ever.

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  1. for some reason I thought this reporter was a woman... Apparently, he's a dude, but I think the bit reads better with him as a female