Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A+ B Movies

Deterrence is one of those movies that boggles the mind. It is, IMHO, the liberal answer to a second war in Iraq. That answer is a series of twists so detached from any plane of reality that it's worth watching just once. When you finish this movie you will be so dumb-found that you will have a small glimpse into the liberal mind.

In 2008, the President dies during a stand-off between China and the US over Taiwan. Vice-President Emerson becomes President and is touring Colorado during a bid for re-election. During a blizzard he holds-up at a local cafe. Fastforward past some funny global political predictions, and then Uday Hussein, current dictator of Iraq, invades Kuwait--overrunning a 300 US soldiers and killing them all. All our troops are tied up over in Asian and to prevent Iraq from controling a massive portion of the world's oil supply, Emerson threatens to nuke Baghdad. Crazy, right? But it gets better. Everyone and their mother wants to stop him, the National Security Advisor, his Chief Advisor, the First Lady, the Head of the JCOS, the cafe's Cook, heck, even the B-2 pilots have to be cuddled. (The only guy that does agree with him is the token racist-redneck played by Sean Astin) Then the Iraqis offer to freeze the price of Oil, which everyone thinks is sooo wonderful. Then the Iraqis reveal that they have a nuclear arsenal and they are going to launch on every major city in the West. And there's more! This is how the left thought it might go down. Wow.

Watching this movie is somewhere between reading a Helen Thomas article and watching a movie where the global warming is the biggest world threat. This movie is a carwreck, it is soooo bad, that it must be seen! Its a Plan 9 from the Blue-States! Garm saw this movie at my house, on my TV, drinking my beer, and he still wanted his money back!


  1. I still give genie flack about forcing this "film" upon me. It really is so bad it's worth watching. Just try to avoid paying for it.

  2. Deus ex Machina8/15/2005 1:20 AM

    What!!! This was the most nuanced, probable geo-political scenario ever burned onto film! and the acting! You wingers just don't understand the subtleties of foriegn policy.

  3. "Deus ex Machina" I laugh.