Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Real Reefer Madness

I hate the so-called "medical marijuana" debate. Mostly because I don't think there is anything "medical" about the debate at all. Oh, sure maybe the could be applications for THC, but I remain completely unconvinced that the whole medical marijuana movement is merely a covert legalization push. So first off, just come out and admit it, and, second, the legalization push is fueled by a point of view which I cannot stand. Namely, the idea that getting "high" is recreation--that it is okay to use chemicals purely for fun. "But genie!" You cry, "what about drinking and smoking?" Well, drinking has some food qualities, and you don't drink purely to get buzzed, but, yes, maybe most people do use alcohol to get high. That being said why would you want to unleash another blight on our society? Smoking does not impair you but is does give many, many citizen's cancer. So, let's combine the cancer and the substance abuse of both! I could sit here and go round and round with the "its okay to smoke" crowd. But the fact is 1) it is illegal (as in against the law--you know the laws you're suppose at least try to follow) and 2) you want marijuana to get high, which is juvenile, and I'm just busy with the whole Iraq, the WoT, Abortion debate, and etc. So, we have to listen over and over and over to the Medical Marijuana debate, because you going to want to dress up a little what amounts to a minor front in the Culture wars. Last time, in front of SCOTUS, it was federalism. And I'm sorry to say that the NRO and others dropped the ball. I read the case. The court was correct IHMO, but moreover: I read the case. I actually listened to what nine of the smartest legal people in America had to say. It boils down to this: If the federal government can't regulate drugs and/or contraband under the commerce clause, then words have ceased to have meaning in this universe. You can't say that medical marijuana--why am I still calling it that--wouldn't effect the policing of illegal marijuana and/or have an effect of the drug industry. Congress can regulate that...sorry. Of course, that is just opinion, an I'm kind of a jerk about this because I've had to listen to hippies and frat boys attempt to match wits with me or put me down for not being part of the cool crowd. Now, this guy is pushing the AIDS angle. I know a lot of conservative think this is no big deal, and, heck, I'm just provoking debate, but as a conservative I can't get behind this. Sure, marijuana probably makes some people hungry, or makes some people feel less pain--you might say the same thing about alcohol--but is marijuana going to really save anybody's life (other than Montel Williams?). I know, I know, I'm misinformed and uncaring and all that doesn't change the fact that the real deal is that people just don't think marijuana is a big deal.

Great. Call your senator.

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  1. I'd call my Senator, but I'm just too high man.