Tuesday, August 02, 2005

OK, now the DNC's just being sad. . .

"Won't someone PLEASE think about the children?"

Today the DNC attempted (via a press release) to spin the fact that they can't get any of their agenda through legislation because of Bush's physical fitness. Huh? So if Bush were a slovenly lay-about, he'd be a Democrat? Oh, sorry, too on-the-nose, let me rephrase: So if Bush were a slovenly lay-about, he'd agree with the agenda of the political party he and a whole bunch of Republican Senators and Congresspeople beat in the last election, and thus gain the approval of the DNC. Nah, I like the first one better. C'mon guys, if you're going to whine about something, pick something better than the President being in shape.

Unfortunately, I missed the DNC press release until now, because I was outside running and after that spent some time lifting weights. . . Hey, since I did it on my own time, without being subsidized by the Guvment, should I start up a class-action suit, as my rights were infringed upon? Nope, 'cause they weren't. If the DNC thinks that kids are getting more overweight because of reduced physical fitness activities in the schools, then they sure haven't invested much time checking on how many schoolchildren go home and play video games, eat the wrong foods, and other activities that should be controlled and promoted by their parents, instead of being regulated through politics. In other words: "Git yer hands off my muffin top."

And here I was thinking I'd only have to say a couple of lines about Bush's physical fitness, but nope, the DNC just has to whine about it.

My favorite comments from the blogosphere thus far:


I don’t recall any Republicans (not even those joking) tying Clinton’s love of Big Macs or his occasional weight gain to his policies and using them to attack his administration.

The Anchoress:

When you have to use the report on the president’s annual physical to give a shrill yell, throw hate darts and play politics, then you might as well just give it up, get back into the sandbox and stop even pretending that you are grown-ups.

Check out Michelle Malkin for a larger roundup of blogosphere comments.

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