Monday, August 01, 2005

Venture Women

Hello, Kiddies! There's something about Dr. Girlfriend that fills me with laughter and other feelings that are strange and confusing. Of Course, Molotov is a close second. But luckily the Venture Bros. have launched their own site, and by launched I mean it was up around October 2004 and its still under construction, but if you like the show you got to check out the Monarch's two jail phone calls (PG-13 kiddies, so don't click if you're parents are under 13 years-old). Big ups to [adult swim] for their fairly okay, decent, so-so line up of cartoons featuring fart jokes. Though while Garm has completely modeled life after Brock Samson, I have admit that Harvey Birdman is my idol, combining two of my loves: Cartoons and the Law.