Monday, August 08, 2005

Steven Seagal Watch #7

Steven Seagal is saving the world once again! He's donated $100,000 to help dismantle a nuclear weapon. It's all part of the "Full Circle" ceremony--The "Atomic Flame," which was kindled from the fires of Hiroshima, was walked to Trinity Test Site, New Mexico and snuffed. About controlling WMD's Seagal says, "It's our responsibility as global citizens to rid the world of this imminent threat." Is anybody wierded out that Seagal has even the remotest degree of connection to an A-bomb, or that he's on the cutting edge of arms control, or that he's preaching to us about our responsibilities as "global citizens?" But apparently, Mr. Seagal is not as sensitive to South-American "global citizens." The Zen master's new movie "Submerged" makes Uruguay look so bad they considered suing Seagal. This article sums up the pain that is Seagal's acting skills with this gentle note: "Through it all, Seagal, the man of a single face, looks and acts as if he's on a subway commute. Even when the sub is blown up, his only reaction is, 'Oh, man.'" Burnnnnn!

Garm's $.02's: My only question is this: Did he whisper for no reason when he talked about WMD's? And always remember: WWSSD?

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