Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Hello, kiddies! For those of you that didn't know, there was a plan to re-launch the Looney Toons as futuristic anime action-heroes called the Lunatics. Now, as you might of guessed, the fanboy backlash was deafening, but I credit this filthy, x-rated flash cartoon (that is funnier censored than uncensored) with single-handedly destroying this evil, evil plan. A plan which was immediately replaced with a mildly less evil plan. (Btw, This is one of those jokes where you just think about some guy trying to say the whole thing without cracking up). "Buzzed Bunny" was such a hit that they even sell merch of his loveable catch phrases (the ones not openly ripped off from sexylosers). Well, the boys over at TLG are at it again with this follow up flash that is mildly less filthy. Now, if you're looking for more funny flash its all over the web, but newgrounds is good place to look (although much of the flash on the web is the internet counterpart of "the Aristrocrats" joke).

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  1. There is a very light art element in the middle of the painting. If you look closely it seems to be a commercial jetliner headed in the direction of the towers.