Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Fortress America

Ah, the not-so-Cold war! Back in '86, I was ready to take to the hills with a band of my fellow Boy Scouts and lead the long war against the invading commie hoards just like in Red Dawn. Until that day I had to pine away that the beautiful cover art on my Fortress America game. Yes, I owned Fortress America. I've even attempted playing it (which I don't suggest). Well, it seems people noticed that Saddam Hussein and the WTC is on the montage box-art, which clearly depicts America being utterly destroyed (kidding), because they are selling the game on E-bay for that very reason. Even funnier, the game includes the infamous Star Wars System, which is what we call missile defense (a great idea that the media loves to laugh at). But the funny continues as the later edition of the game put a beard and sunglasses on Saddam. Keeping in mind this is a painting, it is pretty bad when you're fake beard looks awful on your fake face!

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