Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sui Juris

"The justifications advanced for their public policies and actions show little appreciation for values I (and many other Democrats) hold dear: that the merit of a government should be judged, not by how effectively it adds to the abundance of those who already enjoy abundance, but by how effectively it relieves the misery and suffering of those less fortunate; and that it is one of government's most important responsibilities to ensure that future generations will have clean air and water, habitable land, and a sustainable, viable ecosystem."

Auntie Pinko is an interesting read, but the point I want to make is about "helping out the little guy." See, many on the left (and beyond) think that government is about protecting the weak, leveling the field, and other oblique phrases. You see this thread in a lot of their policies: Affirmative Action, Drop the Debt, Tax the Rich, the Welfare State, and I'm fairly sure they would argue that this philosophy has a rational connection to scores of what the left insists on calling "ideas" (like environmentalism). Most commonly, and most clearly, I hear this about the SCOTUS. The Court, according to the blue-staters, is there to protect the democratic minority's rights. Not, as I tend to think, to protect everyone's rights equally under the law. Usually this degrades into a vague conspiracy theory about the "power elite" buffering the "status quo" to keep in power. I'm not saying that all that fair deal stuff doesn't have a place, but let's talk about the extreme logical end. If one believes in "defending the weak" one has to know whom the weak are. And liberals know. They know that all African-Americans need a hand up, all big businesses need a beat down, and no one is capable of any act of freewill. History dictates your place, your class, your power--genetics and politics and the WTO control your every move. Now, I'm not saying that these aren't factors, but people are not that weak. They don't need to government to make everybody equal, they just need an opportunity, a shot at greatness--they don't even need an equal opportunity, just a chance. America is the land of opportunity. But that means something, that means a chance to fail, an unsure outcome, the possibility of being swatted down by forces just and unjust.

This why the left is radical.

They want to fundamentally alter human nature and/or reality itself to make everyone equal. Oh, not completely equal, but just pretty much the same with an Animal Farm exception for the erudite guardians of this utopia. It all starts with them wanting to protect people they see as victims. In fact, victimization is a common mind set for your leftist--and justification for horrible behavior! I'm not going to the list the crazy generational guilt that the left unloads on America, but I will say that its all based on the idea that people can't change--that blacks are victims, and whites are racists, and men are sexists, and women are weak, and your religious-types are blood-lusting prudes. This is why black-republicans are considered uncle toms. When you see the world in classes, you see race; you see gender; you see the classification, not the person. You likely see the world in classes if you want to be a "defender of the weak." Classes mean a general dismissal of freewill, and when you eliminate freewill you eliminate good and evil and right or wrong. You replace them with cultural norms and counter-productive behavior. Death is the ultimate evil, and being judgmental is the worst sin. Because to perfect equality one must make humans less than human. We're all "equal" if we all are bi-pedal primates full of sound and fury. We're all the same if we're all nothing.

And if we're all nothing--If it all means nothing--Then shouldn't equality be brought to the masses by any means necessary?

Later, I'm going to talk little bit about how one goes about changing human nature to make people except this crap. Above is a blueprint of the Nanny State.

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